Pyramid, from Paul Hayward's full-length CD "Many Colors." Words, Music & Art by Paul Hayward

Angel From Montgomery

I will miss you dearly, Mr. Prine. You were salt of the Earth and a  beacon to troubadours everywhere. I will try my best to keep that flame  lit in your honor.

Arm's Length

In celebration of Easter, Passover, Ramadan and other vernal rites of community,  I am including this pensive and introspective song about personal  spirituality. I seem to believe in everything and nothing, but am always  searching and questioning. I really don't know what I believe in  regards to a creator, but I believe that peace, love and harmony can  improve the collective human condition. It's also got a tasty solo from  Mark Fisher. Words & Music © Paul Hayward/Haywords

Loose Ends

Part of my Lost Tape Project. I have been challenging fellow musicians  to dig out old songs that they wrote, but have been long forgotten.  Loose Ends was recorded for a cassette (yes a cassette) many moons ago,  and I just relearned it. It had been so long since I played it that I  had to contact a friend to figure out what the name of the song  originally was. If you read the lyrics, you can glean that it was before  the widespread use of the internet. "Three days at a time" refers to  actual

Only Angel

A song that I wrote a long time ago. I hadn't played it in such a long  time that I had to go to the source tape and completely relearn it.  Written a long time ago for Colleen Daly, MD. Enjoy.

Ain't No Sunshine by bill withers

A tribute to Bill Withers on learning of his passing.


Saltwater Fantasies, from the full-length CD Many Colors. Words and Music copyright by Paul Hayward

Hardest Days

Hardest Days, from Paul Hayward's full-length CD Many Colors.


From Paul Hayward's full-length CD Many Colors. Words & Music © Paul Hayward/Haywords 

And It Stoned my by Van Morrison

I do not own the rights to this song nor do I intend to profit in any  way from it. This song was written by Van Morrison and is Copyright 2013  Warner Music.

Glass Door

From the full-length album Many Colors. Words & Music © Paul Hayward/Haywords